Leather Shop

  Est. 1881
35 Mill Street North
Port Hope, Ontario
L1A 2T1




P: 905-885-1883
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TF: 1-888-522-1881

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Machine Founded in 1881, the company began as a manufacturer of carriage harness. Early in the 1900’s, the company moved from it’s origins on King Street in Toronto to Broadview Avenue, where it remained for over 75 years. At this location, the company expanded into the manufacture of police duty gear, sporting goods, commercial and industrial products. It was during this period, Kirkpatrick’s operated the sporting goods store at Maple Leaf Gardens.

In 1981, Kirkpatrick’s moved to it’s industrial location in Markham, north of Toronto. In the late 1990’s, the company purchased Commercial Leather Goods Mfg. Co. Ltd., founded in 1965, adding a large selection of popular styles and designs to the commercial case business.

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Kirkpatrick's leather craftsmanship has brought us a strong reputation in the field of restoration of quality leather products. Furniture, trunks, bags, cases ….

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We have produced many cases, some padded for protection, some insulated from the elements. Some of our products find their way to the bush on geological explorations, complete with our battery pack holders & carrying harnesses. Some carry bomb-sniffing equipment to far off lands.

Our cases and bags are no exception. Over the last century Kirkpatrick's has produced thousands of bags and cases in numerous styles. As consumers embraced cheaper disposable imports, the demand for quality cases and bags diminished. However, the discerning always opt for quality.

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Kirkpatrick's is working with police forces, designing, developing and improving duty gear products. The company has collaborated with departments and officers with the use and practical application of these products for generations. Our retail environment for Duty Gear & ID Products, allows us continuous access to police officers and their requirements. Kirkpatrick's Duty Gear remains the preferred choice for many officers.

Where applicable, duty gear is available with regular or hard action snap closures or hook & loop closures, or a combination of both. Duty Gear is manufactured to fit 2” & 2 ¼ “ duty belts.

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Our bags and cases are handcrafted using top grain leathers and quality hardware. We are proud of what we produce and we stand by our quality. Maybe, a little old fashioned, but, a Kirkpatrick's case should last a lifetime.